Apr. 15th, 2008 08:32 pm
thefirstcaro: (doomsday)
When I rang the vet this afternoon, they told me the poor cat had died not long after we'd brought him in. The veterinary nurse thanked me for bringing him to them and said that he'd had internal injuries and he passed after they gave him some pain relief. I am glad though that he was in a safe place, warm and with some degree of comfort, as opposed to dying cold, frightened and in pain on the side of a busy road. Poor thing. I'm really sorry he had no identification because I don't like the thought of someone out there wondering where their cat has gone. If I see anything about a missing cat that matches his description, I will probably ring them. He had a very distinctive collar and I'd have to make sure I was talking to the right people. I'm not about to traumatise some poor person whose cat might have just gone for an extended wander. If it comes up that is. We'll see.

I got upset then after hearing the news and had to go upstairs for a cry. I had hoped there would be a happy ending. I'm very soft when it comes to animals. But I did my best and he didn't die alone. That's a kind of comfort.


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