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Meg and Jack are eight months old next week. Where has the time gone?! Though to be honest, I am glad they're getting older because as cute as puppies are, it's nice when they learn commands and aren't jumping and peeing everywhere. I must say, I do feel quite a thrill of accomplishment when they pick up something new. Here be dog pictures )
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In honour of Meg & Jack being ten weeks old, I present ten facts about my own personal pee and poop machines.

  1. At our last vet's appointment, Meg was 2.2kg, Jack was 2.5kg.

  2. Jack loves his food. In fact, he loves anybody's food and has recently discovered, after watching me make a sandwich, that food is kept in the fridge and not the washing machine.

  3. Jack gets so excited when the fridge is opened that he tries to climb into it and when thwarted, stands on his hind legs and does a type of roly poly action with his front paws.

  4. Meg likes food too but is content to wait for it to come to her. She's not much interested in anything a person might be eating at the table, unlike Jack who practically tries to hop up and give a person a lap dance.

  5. In the garden, Meg likes nothing better to walk and run around carrying a stick in her mouth. Jack likes nothing better than to try and take it from her. Jack will also follow Meg up the stairs. Calling them down is another matter because it takes Meg a few minutes to realise her name is 'Meg' and Jack can't come down the first stair. At all. He hops around at the top of the stairs, barking and running to and fro and has to be helped down. Then he's good to go. I suppose running up and down the stairs after them is a good cardio work out...

  6. Sometimes when playing, Jack will grab Meg's name tag and hold fast as she tries to pull away, like he's trying to strangle her. Meg will retaliate by trying to bite off his boy bits. This behaviour always requires quick intervention our parts, though my mother reckons it would be hard for Meg to act any other way considering she lives with Momo, the original ball-breaker of the family.

  7. We rented National Treasure 2 the other weekend. Since then Meg has begun digging holes in the garden. Perhaps the film thrilled her so much, she wants to search for her own treasure or maybe she's trying to dig her way to China to get to Bejing for the Olympic closing ceremony. We just don't know.

  8. Jack and Meg love to chew things: fingers, shoelaces, skirting boards (the new ones we had put in last year - my mother is not impressed!), even Momo's knees. Momo's reaction is to squeal loudly about how they're trying to kill her.

  9. Momo prefers Rosie because she lies beside her on the couch and doesn't try to chew her face off. She also reprimands the pups from time to time while lying on the couch with her eyes closed. I've been teasing her the last while, asking her for fifty euro to buy the pups booties for the winter. Last night, Meg and Jack were running around the living room generally being bonkers and Momo shouts "No manners, no money!" Hee.

  10. Jack is always the first to fall asleep after they've (finally) managed to tire themselves out. Rosie is the next to lie down but Meg is always determined to keep going and run around, playing with her toys until she practically falls down. Usually I pick her up and rub her down to try and calm her. If that doesn't work or they just won't settle even though I've had them out for ages, I turn on Classic FM. Classical music has a nice soothing effect on them. I try to make sure it's not the 1812 Overture or anything too loud. Pups need their sleep and I need to sit down and recover for the next round of piddle patrol and general mayhem.
Yes, teh crazy has really taken over our house these days. But it's kinda fun even if we are currently in the middle of toilet training and they have still to grasp the concept of peeing outdoors and not waiting until they come back even though we try to stay out as long as we can without my grandmother getting abandonment issues! All I can say is, kudos to whoever invented the dog crates because as much as I love them, if I couldn't shut them in there every so often, the skirting boards would be in a lot worse shape!

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The last week has been a bit manic because not only did my cousin arrive last Sunday from Boston but we also had to prepare for my cousin's out of town wedding and make the final arrangements about the pet-sitter who was going to mind Rosie and the Six.
I'm behind on a lot of things because of having to entertain my cousin D. Not that I'm complaining, she's here, naturally she has to taken care of, otherwise what's the point. But it seemed everytime I tried to sit down and check my email, we were off somewhere else. The google alerts are in the triple figures! Yikes!

The wedding was held in Mulraney, Co. Mayo. It's about a two hour drive from our house and the hotel my cousin and his fiancée - excuse me, now she's his wife - picked was beautiful. It was just across the road from a lovely beach and the restaurant duly deserved all the accolades it's gotten the past year. Our particular reservation package included three breakfasts and two evening meals so we got to eat there twice. I think I want to marry the executive chef there. Mealtimes would never be boring.
The wedding went really well. The church was three minutes walk from the hotel and the priest was very relaxed and joked with everyone and during the rehearsal, he told the couple what they'd be doing, where to stand and all that, and all he kept saying was to take their time and enjoy it and not worry, that he'd guide them through and give everyone who was participating in the ceremony a nod and mention them by name when it came time for them to take part. I did a prayer of the faithful myself and to be honest, the only thing I was worried about was that I was going to end up falling flat on my face walking on the altar in my new shoes with the three inch heels that I only broke in the day before! Well, really I'm minding six pups so heels of any kind are not the best choice when your ankles are under constant attack from furry creatures determined to chew everything in sight! Plus there's the whole piddle patrol thing.

The Six have grown the past few days. The pet sitter did a great job taking care of them, I was very impressed with her. But it's like my babies have grown into toddlers all of a sudden. Toddlers who like to push each other around and try to eat one another's faces when they're not attacking shoelaces and teaching dusters exactly who's boss. Be prepared for a lot of "WWWWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! MY BABIES ARE ALL GONE!!!!" type posts when they're re-homed. They're seriously off their heads but I love them to bits and really enjoy their company, even when I'm having to gently reprimand them for thinking my thumb is a chew toy. 
Actually one of them appeared to be trying to draw blood from my shin this evening. I think they might be part terrier,part vampire. I'm going to take them into the garden tomorrow and see if any of them sparkle. How many do I need for a baseball team? Will six do?


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