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Both wounds are now completely closed! The nurse came and said it needed no more bandaging. She was also very impressed with how quickly it closed considering that the bigger of the two wounds was 10cm by 10cm and 5cm deep when I came out of hospital in February. We honestly did think that it would be the middle of summer before they closed. It is by no means an aesthetically pleasing scar. There is a thick angry red line that starts about half way in my mid section, then becomes a smallish dent (where the smaller of the two wounds was), then more red line until you get across from my belly button where there is a deep dent (the bigger wound and the line continues down to my pelvis. So not pretty but the dents should sort themselves out in time and anyway, I think it's beautiful. Because it's me and it just makes me look more interesting. The redness will fade over time and I have bio oil to put on it so a bit of TLC will help that baby well along! And I much prefer to have a scar than to be housebound and in pain.
And no more bandage meant that today I was able to have a proper shower. The waterproof dressing used to irritate my skin so I had to have the ordinary dressing and I couldn't get that wet. I don't want to make it sound like I haven't washed in months, I have. It just took a bit of organising and care. Of course then after the shower, I kept checking to see if the ostomy bag was peeling off and about to leak after getting wet. I heard it could happen but so far so good. Anyway, when I was drying my hair, I made sure to dry the bag with the hairdryer as well so we'll see. And anyway, it's easy enough to change if it does leak.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do one hell of a happy dance!


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