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...the nurse was here today to change the dressing and one of the wounds is now completely closed. CLOSED!!!! Join me in a sedate, but nonetheless excited, happy dance why don't you?! The other wound is on the way to closing as well. So yay! Hooray for progress.

We are also going to my aunt Noreen's in Dundalk this weekend, being St. Patrick's weekend and bank holiday one at that.  Well, other people are always taking off for bank holidays so why shouldn't we? And also, it was March 16th last year that those crippling pains - the ones that would start in the evening and last until the next morning - started and being a trifle superstitious about such things, I would like to firmly put the lid on that cycle by creating new memories and being somewhere else this year. So we're heading off about lunchtime on Friday, me, my mother and my grandmother. Some people here thought we were leaving Momo behind. Which is an option of course but she'd be like a bitch the entire weekend. She may be old but if she thought we were off enjoying ourselves in Noreen's while she was left behind, she'd make whoever stayed with her miserable. And suicidal. Not to mention homicidal. So as much as she may say she doesn't like Dundalk, she wants to be in the centre of things so she'll go. Besides, she can have the back seat of the car to herself and can lie down quite comfortably when she wants.  We've done it before albeit about five/six years ago but judging by her shouting and banging last night, there's plenty of life left in her yet.


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