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OMG! After telling my mother what [personal profile] sucrelefey said about how cats could be left on their own for a weekend, she said I could get one. Because I don't know anyone who has a cat or kittens at the moment, I think I'll try the local branch of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They have bits in the local paper every week about the animals they have there and I'd like to rescue one and give it a good home. So I'm going to call into their local office on Monday and have a chat with them.

And in related news, my mother just said that she was talking to a friend of hers today and apparently the Irish Guide Dog association are now asking people to foster the pups for their first year before they take them off to train to be guide dogs. And as tonight is a night of surprises, the dear mother said that was something we should look into later in the year because she thinks it would be a good idea. She's having a bacardi and coke right now watching David Tennant on Channel Four's The Friday Night Project so I hope all this isn't a combination of the alcohol and his Royal Tennant-ness and that she changes her mind completely in the morning! Maybe I should get her to put all this in writing. And maybe there's some other stuff I can get off her too...Probably not. She's hasn't had that many bacardi's!


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