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This morning I met my mother and we went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping and now that I can do it in comfort, it drives my mother nuts because I can wander freely around the shelves picking out new ingredients and generally trying to blow our household budget on condiments. We went to Tesco, which is nearer to our house, but personally I prefer the new Dunnes Stores supermarket that opened in one of the suburbs because it's bigger, the aisles are wider so you're not turning a corner about to collide with another shopper, and it's quieter in the mornings.
Having said that it's probably a good thing that we did go to the closer store because we had just pulled up on the street when we heard this wallop as a securicor van went down the hill at a good speed and then saw a black cat drag itself from under the van and into the empty yard on the other side of the road. The driver had to have known he hit something and the car behind him definitely saw the cat but neither of them stopped. My mother thought the cat was okay but, having watched enough of those Animal Rescue Phoenix shows on the Animal Planet channel over the past few months, I thought not. And I was right. The poor cat had hurt one of it's back legs and was miaowing tragically.
Naturally, this happened on a morning when we had a car full of perishables and about twenty minutes before I had to be at the hospital for my surgical outpatients appointment. But being the trooper I am in a potential crisis (seriously, if something bad happens or breaks down and it looks bad, call me and I will sort it out,  better than my mother too. She however pwns me when it comes to anything to do with the house so I think we compliment each other well), we got my aunt Sheila, who was on Momo duty, to take care of the groceries and I went across the road and ducked under a gate to get the cat. I wrapped him in a towel and the poor boy started crying when he saw me. He was very good though, let me pick him up and carry him to the car and we drove to the vets. I explained what had happened and they took him in. I'm going to ring later to see how he's getting on. He's not microchipped so no idea who owns him. But he was in great condition, was very friendly despite his injuries and had a collar.
So we sped off to get me to the hospital. My appointment was for 12.15pm and I was there around 12.20. However by the time, the woman in reception decided to stop whatever she was doing on the computer, it was nearly half past by the time I got to the clinic. The nurse saw me and said I was very late and she wasn't sure if a doctor was around. I told her my appointment was for quarter past twelve and I'd had an emergency beforehand. I sat in the waiting room and for a minute, I felt kinda guilty about being late. That's when I realised I was doing the old behaviour that I'd done in one of my jobs, feeling like I'd done something wrong because I didn't want to seen as difficult by someone in 'authority' even though it hadn't been done on purpose and couldn't be helped, and I swore I wouldn't do it again. So I thought fuck this, I was on a mission of mercy and they'd better get me a doctor to see because I wasn't leaving until they did. I don't know what that nurse's problem was, maybe she'd had a bad  morning and wanted to get to her lunch but a doctor arrived within minutes to see me, I was with him for less than five minutes and then I was talking to the stoma nurse, who also remarked about my being late. I told her that my appointment wasn't until 12.15 and all she said was 'oh really? I didn't know they gave out those late times'. Well they do. And I got one so leave me alone! I didn't say that, I just thought it.

Anyway, that was my morning. I've also realised I use the word "so" a lot. I need to break open a thesaurus and improve my vocabulary.


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