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You start thinking about things and worse still, you post these thoughts for others to read/skim because as an only child, you like nothing better than to strike up conversations about things even though other people mightn't much care about the topic in question. Although this is nothing compared to some of the conversations I had in hospital post surgery when I had my morphine drip. I was talking shite for days. *sigh* I miss morphine. Not in a junkie way but it did make some things a lot more fun.

Anyway, I'm reading Twilight because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and also I wanted to be able to fully understand the horror so as to truly become one with the snark. Obviously I is a sheep. Baaah!
But I didn't pay for the book so that's okay. And a good thing too because I would have done my nut if I'd forked out good money for this. I'm only on page 15 and already I want to kick Bella in the arse. When I read Special Topics in Calamity Physics, the character Blue did bug me a bit but I'd rather hang out with Blue and her so called friends before I'd even entertain the notion of talking to Bella. I was talking to my mother about this earlier (she doesn't have time to surf the net herself and find out what's going on in pop culture land but she likes to be kept abreast of what's going. We do have regular meetings where I get her up to speed. Most of the time she's already heard of whatever it is; she just didn't know exactly what it was) and we agreed that the story is very appealing to that age group because who hasn't wanted to think that even though you're practically friendless and you're awkward and not traditionally pretty, the hero is going to realise that you're the girl for him regardless. And when you throw in vampires and angst and restraint and all that jazz, that's a great mix right there. I know it's the kind of thing I'd have gone for and probably loved at that age. But it's the writing and the way Stephanie Meyer has drawn the characters that really gets on my wick.
Which makes me wonder, when people say how much they love the book, are they just reacting to the themes and ideas of it because it sets off romantic bells in their head. "Their love can never be" kind of thing, or "he's got eternity but she completes his life". That stuff can be very potent. I think we all know people in real life who look for that kind of thing in their relationships or trick themselves into being with complete loo-lahs because of it. Plus it helps that these days we've been conditioned into thinking vampires=hot, with the possibility of hot vampire sex or a quick bite on the neck which according to most shows is as good as if not better than hot vampire sex.
And then I wonder does anyone out there actually like Bella. Or do they think they like her because she's part of Edward&Bella4evah! and a lot of the time it's the male protagonist that makes them go back to the book time and time again. Like say with Jane Eyre. I've read where people think Jane is an okay character but only really start to get interested in her when she starts interacting with Rochester because it's the romantic elements that they want more than a story about a governess, and when it comes to the filmed versions, the actress can be overlooked because of there being so much squeeing over the actor playing Rochester. So when people say they like the book, it's really Edward Cullen they like and if the story had been solely about him and didn't include Bella, they would still have gone out and bought it in droves.

I know I'm thinking a lot about this, More than the book deserves from what I've read, but I suppose because it's a Young Adult book, I don't want to be dismissing it simply because I'm in my thirties. I don't want to forget what it was like to be a teenager and how that felt. I'm not trying to be a cool adult, I just don't want not to be able to relate to younger people or understand what's going on with them. That was important to remember when I was working with that age group as Girl Guide leader a few years ago. Like so many here, I do write myself. Just as a hobby when time permits, and I believe that you have to have an inkling about people in order to properly create a character. How many times have I not thought much of a particular story, be it a book or something on TV or film, but because there were characters in there I liked, I got past it and kept going with it.
I know when I was that age though, I was nothing like Bella. She's very mopey. I may have had my teenage angst and crazy phase but I had too much of a sense of humour and that always pulled me out of it. (So did karate chopping towel rails in a fit of pique but that's a story for another time). I don't think I knew anybody like her either. But because my experience is limited to a small group of people, I'm going to throw it out there. Did any of ye know someone as emo as our Bella? Were you Bella? I don't find her very realistic at all and that's my problem with the story. She's narrating and she's supposed to take me into the events and make me believe in her dealings with vampires and I can't even believe in Bella, much less any otherworldly creatures she's hanging out with.

I don't want to sound like I have sour grapes but it's extremely annoying to read about how hard it is for people to get published these days and something like this takes off as a phenomenon. We live in a very odd world.
So in conclusion, this book should come with a morphine drip to make it more enjoyable to read. QED.


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