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Would you believe The Six are three weeks old already? Where does the time go. 
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The Six now all have their eyes open and they're starting to find their sea legs. Watching them try and keep their balance as they move around the crate is very funny. A couple of them enjoy lying on their backs and touching their toes. Then another one comes along and falls asleep on top of them and all you see are legs waving in the air.

We call the brown one Boomer and she is pretty damn tenacious when it comes to food. She'll crawl over when the others are resting and get her fill and is very adept at wriggling in under them to get a spot when they're all feeding. The best yet though is last night Boomer was having a snack when Rosie decided that the sound of my mother opening the fridge was more important than hanging with her babes and got out of the crate. Only Boomer didn't let go. She held on for dear life as Rosie walked along the living room and was sliding on her back along the timber floor, still sucking away. She must have come up for air because all of a sudden, Rosie was in the kitchen while Boomer was in the middle of the living room floor looking around all 'what just happened?!' I picked her up and put her back in and she decided to nose around her siblings to see if there was anyone else she could feed off. Honestly, it's as though she becomes all zombie like wanting "BOOOOBBBS" instead of "BRRAAAINNNS".

Of course, then there's the largest of them, whom we called Xena, who likes to shove her head inside my shirt every time I pick her up.

We've named them Boomer, Xena, Meg & Jack (because they both have white stripes down their front), Penny and Polly. Penny and Polly are quite low-key at the moment but give them time. It's hard to know exactly who we're looking at when it comes to the black ones unless we pick them up and examine the patches of white on them. So I took photos of them and wrote their names on them.  It'll do for the time being until they're out more and we know exactly who we're looking at.  When Rosie is out with my mother, I love to pick them up and give them all a quick kiss. They're just too cute. I feel like I should do one of those cat macro things for Rosie: "I'm in ur crate, kissing your babies" kind of thing.

They're so adorable. *squee*
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Last night I went out to dinner with some of my cousins. It was a joint birthday celebration as two of us have birthdays the same week. Earlier in the day, there was some confusion between me and the birthday boy via text when I realised he had the wrong time for dinner and he proceeded to get pissy with me over it (though he later told me he'd just been jesting, uh-huh). I spelt it out for him that I had suggested the time as the restaurant had two sittings and the later one seemed a bit too late but had said that it could be changed if anyone had a problem. As nobody replied, I went ahead with the booking. He was all, oh that was four weeks ago, how am I supposed to remember that and I thought you knew I finished work late on a Saturday. I nearly rang him and told him to forget the whole thing at that point. I didn't but I did get that feeling of 'I was only trying to do something nice and get out for dinner, I was not looking to make a dramatic production out of it starring people who were quite happy to have me do all the work and then not bother to even reply when I made the arrangements'.

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I have to say, Rosie is a brilliant mum. I had wondered if, being so young herself, she'd manage to take care of them but she took it all in her stride. I slept downstairs last night and when I woke, she had peed a little but it's timber floor and easy clean. So when I saw her get out of the box and go towards the door, I let her out immediately and she did what she had to down the garden. When I was having my breakfast, she rambled over to see what was on the menu but left as soon as the pups squeaking got louder. Once she had them settled, she came back to sniff some tid-bits. Then she chowed down on her food and went for a short walk into the living room to greet my aunt and my mother. She's in good from and likes a bit of petting from us before going back in to tend to her brood.
I'm letting her dictate how long we stay in the garden and where she wants to go. It's so hard to believe the Six aren't even 24 hours old yet!
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We are now the proud co-parents of six puppies. I think we're done. At least, I hope we are for all our sakes! There was a gap between Five and Six, the others came out pretty swiftly after one another. Rosie mustn't have felt she had enough room in the box with the other five because she came out of the box, to my surprise - I had no idea what she was going to do - and she gave birth right there in front of me. Then Six got picked up by Rosie and joined its siblings in the box. Apart from the odd squeak, they're quiet enough. I'm going to sleep down here in the living room for tonight, just to be on the safe side.
We're all tired out now but I feel I need to watch the last episode of North and South as a sort of unwinding, end to the days events kind of thing. That reminds me, I bought Cranford in town today and it has only one disc when it clearly states two on the box and has two disc holders in the box. I have the receipt so I'll be going back tomorrow to sort it out.
I got to vote in the Lisbon Referendum as well. I was gone about fifteen minutes - the polling station is just down the road - and by the time I got back, Rosie had popped out number Four. No bother to her!

Photos will follow in the morning.


Jun. 12th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Rosie was in a very odd mood today, wouldn't go far in her morning walk so we didn't force her, wasn't eating and wanted to go out to the garden a lot this afternoon. She also snapped at me when I attempted to innocently straighten a bit of sheet that was hanging out of her swaddling box so I left well enough alone until she came out to me a while later and licked my hand.
After I let her out around six pm, she peed and did a bit of pooping, though I think it might have been more to do with her feeling contractions and thinking that was what she needed to do. Then we came back inside, she got into her box and started going around at odd angles. She's here in the sitting room with me so I could keep an eye or ear on her and at about 8pm, I heard the sound of squeaking and there was a puppy! It's tiny and black and I think she might have had 2 more in the past twenty minutes. I'm not sure. She has them covered completely with her body and I can't see them right but as she is giving them attention and cleaning them off, I'm not going near them unless she comes out to me first. Unlikely I know for the next while but she can make the first move.

I'm like someone you'd see in a sitcom, checking for draughts, making sure the room is warm and I even turned down the television and the volume on my phone in case it was bothering her.  If it were anyone else, I'd probably be all "Oh yeah? Well I had major surgery! So suck it up and shut your cakehole!" while I watched Doctor Who or something.  I is a wonderful human being.

PUPPIES!! At least she was good enough to wait until after my birthday celebrations.
I'm also supposed to go to vote on the Lisbon Treaty tonight - polls are open until 10pm - as I forgot when I was out this morning. Hopefully, I can run out for ten minutes in a while. My aunt will be here so the new arrivals won't be abandoned.

ETA: There are now three puppies. Tiny black things just flopping around. They haven't a clue what's going on. Poor little guys. I know that feeling.


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