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Well now, let's see. The other day I got a card in the post from the owners of the cat I brought to the vet, thanking me for taking care of him. I had left my name and address with the vet so fair play to them for having the presence of mind to ring round looking for him. I probably wouldn't have thought of the vets if my cat had gone missing, most likely, I'd have just checked out the animal sanctuary or the pound. So I'm glad that they know and aren't desperately sitting at home waiting and wondering what happened to him, though I am very sorry for their loss. 

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Yesterday, I took me out of the house for a stroll down town, all part of my "get out of the house and get some fresh air and exercise" regime. I really just browsed  in a few shops and bought a few magazines, one of which was Vogue. That thing is bloody heavy! It nearly knocked the stuffing out of me carrying it around! I still is a bit of a weakling, it seems. I ended up going into McDonalds for a treat and a place to sit and get my breath back and my mother met me and carried the bag of magazines home for me. Naturally I got a bit of a lecture for buying something heavy like that in the first place when I'm healing but it had to be done. My cousin's wedding is coming up in July and I need to find something to wear. This will be a classy wedding, without a doubt.  Wedding outfits will be carefully chosen and hidden away for fear of giving away anything to anyone else. In fact, I overheard two of my aunts talking about they're eschewing bigger department stores like Brown Thomas for smaller boutiques in the county just in case someone buys the same dress as them! Oh noes!
I've accepted the fact that I will not have lost enough weight by the time the wedding rolls around to fit into any of the dresses I have in my wardrobe. Plus it's doubtful that any of those dresses would fit comfortably around the stoma and probably d up enexaggerating the bag. So I'm thinking about getting an A-line or empire line dress, if I can find one, or I might get one made. Just need to find a dressmaker. And a pattern. And material. Yeah, it's time my strolls around the shops had some actual purpose to them. That's one of the reasons I bought Vogue and a few other magazines, to see what was out there fashion wise. I haven't paid much heed to style over the past few years, there wasn't much point as I wasn't going anywhere.
I also got soaked when I was coming home. It absolutely poured and as I was half way home, there was nowhere for me to run into. It got really stormy last night too. Today wasn't much better. I'm enjoying the second Forsyte Saga book. I started watching Kingdom of Heaven, the 4 disc directors extended version. I quite like that film. My mother and I watched The Baker with Damien Lewis yesterday. It's a great laugh, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

In other news, I want to get a cat. I miss having a pet around the place, I really do. I miss having something furry to look after and to play with and to run after when it looked like something was going to pee or crap in the corner. I still want to get a dog later on but right now, I'd love a cat. I haven't had a cat in years. We live on a terraced street, near a main road and our last cat got run over. That broke my heart. So my mother said no more cats. Only now I suggested having an indoor cat, which is easier than it was before because...well mainly because my mother didn't want an indoor cat back then.  And my mother is okay with the idea but before I can get one, I have to find someone who would be able to take care of the cat when we go away for weekends. Not that we'll be heading off every weekend but we are going to Waterford in June for my birthday, there is that wedding in July which is out of town (and everyone we know will be at it) and we'll be going away again in September. So if I want to wait until September, she'll get me a cat and dog the same week. I just don't know if I can wait that long. I've always had a pet around and I miss it. I BLOODY WELL MISS IT!
I love animals, I like having them around and now I'm feeling better and while I mightn't be able to give a dog all it needs right now, I could well cope with a cat. I'm thinking of asking one of my dad's sisters if she'd be willing to be a cat minder for me. She loves animals too. Right now, she has 'adopted' about five stray cats that used to hang around her back garden and feeds them and two of them let her pet them now. But I'm worried it might sound cheeky for me to do that.  I even said to my mother I'd forgo going to the wedding if I thought it would get me a cat quicker but she told me that if I stay home, my grandmother stays home with me. Screw that plan so! Also, my mother has an evil streak!


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