Jun. 12th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Rosie was in a very odd mood today, wouldn't go far in her morning walk so we didn't force her, wasn't eating and wanted to go out to the garden a lot this afternoon. She also snapped at me when I attempted to innocently straighten a bit of sheet that was hanging out of her swaddling box so I left well enough alone until she came out to me a while later and licked my hand.
After I let her out around six pm, she peed and did a bit of pooping, though I think it might have been more to do with her feeling contractions and thinking that was what she needed to do. Then we came back inside, she got into her box and started going around at odd angles. She's here in the sitting room with me so I could keep an eye or ear on her and at about 8pm, I heard the sound of squeaking and there was a puppy! It's tiny and black and I think she might have had 2 more in the past twenty minutes. I'm not sure. She has them covered completely with her body and I can't see them right but as she is giving them attention and cleaning them off, I'm not going near them unless she comes out to me first. Unlikely I know for the next while but she can make the first move.

I'm like someone you'd see in a sitcom, checking for draughts, making sure the room is warm and I even turned down the television and the volume on my phone in case it was bothering her.  If it were anyone else, I'd probably be all "Oh yeah? Well I had major surgery! So suck it up and shut your cakehole!" while I watched Doctor Who or something.  I is a wonderful human being.

PUPPIES!! At least she was good enough to wait until after my birthday celebrations.
I'm also supposed to go to vote on the Lisbon Treaty tonight - polls are open until 10pm - as I forgot when I was out this morning. Hopefully, I can run out for ten minutes in a while. My aunt will be here so the new arrivals won't be abandoned.

ETA: There are now three puppies. Tiny black things just flopping around. They haven't a clue what's going on. Poor little guys. I know that feeling.
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The last week or so have been busy enough now. My cousin Ray, who's home from Australia with his wife and two kids for a vacation, came to visit one afternoon and I ended up entertaining the two girls, aged 2 and 6, on my grandmother's chair lift. They got a real kick of going up and down though at one point, the two year old started getting all excited and jumping up and down in her seat. Good thing I had her severely buckled in. Last Sunday, we invited them, his mum Sheila and his sister and her kids in for Sunday lunch. We got most of what we needed on Saturday but Sunday morning, my mother had a crisis and decided we mightn't have enough and went and bought more food.We were only having salad and cold meats with potatoes and rolls because we wanted something filling but not something that we'd be all day in the kitchen cooking or slaving over. Sunday was a warm day anyway. The kids loved the ice-cream for dessert and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
We had a lot of food left over though but it worked out fine because I'd planned to get together with one of my friends and have a DVD day. We used to do that when we were in college, get food, a stack of munchies and watch DVD's, particularly the bad ones that we could snark loudly about. I held the mini soiree in my grandmother's house because we could make as much noise as we wanted and not have some old woman complaining i.e. my grandmother. It was a fun afternoon. We ended up watching Point Break, Dracula 2001 and The 13th Warrior. The snark was mighty.

In other news, I'm going back as a Brownie leader in September. I met Catherine, the woman I used to be a Ranger leader with about ten years ago and she's now doing Brownies. I had been thinking of going back for a while and I just met her by chance on the street the other week and we got to talking and she mentioned about how she'd be the only leader come September and she wasn't much looking forward to doing it all on her own. When I said I'd be interested if she wanted me, she jumped at the suggestion. Yay! I hadn't seen her since before I got sick. Funny how things work out. Catherine is really nice and easy to work with. Some leaders can be very power hungry. It's not about doing things with the kids, it's all about them doing things their way and don't even bother to suggest some new activities for the kids because your input is not required. Then when they "retire" from active guiding, they still stay on all the committees and block all suggestions by younger members who leave because why stay on if that's the way they're treated. Then all you hear is bitching about how there's no young members on the committees and about membership being down. Vicious circle. Sad but not uncommon, I reckon, in many organisations.

The other big news of the week is that Rosie is pregnant. Due in about 1 - 2 weeks, according to the vet this morning. So she was pregnant when we got her. I took her for her second set of shots and the vet was examining her and asked a few questions and suggested a pregnancy scan. There will be puppies!
What is it though about us that whenever anything like this happens, it's always when we have planned to go somewhere. Like my mother and me going to Waterford the weekend after next for my birthday. Rosie will be at home with the family - will she have had them by then? Will she be having them as we go out the door? Should we cancel? I don't know. And also, there's my cousin's wedding in July. Will the pups be thriving by then, enough to give them to good homes? Or do we ask the woman who is pet sitting Rosie that weekend to take on pups as well or find someone new? Or do I stay home? Which I don't mind but at the same time, I think that's a bit of  slap in the face to the family that I don't go and I'd really like to. I don't want to miss out on all the fun. Maybe I should carry the pups with me in a basket or backpack and any odd noises they make, I can say 'oh that's just my ostomy bag' and there'll be no more questions. Plus my dress is a bit big on top (I have to get it adjusted) so I could always shove two of them down there.
Best to play it by ear I suppose. We'll still in a bit of shock here actually. This was a completely unplanned (for us) pregnancy!


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