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I finished reading Twilight and I told a friend about it and now she wants to see the crazy for herself. I am only too happy to oblige because I am a good friend. My mother remarked the other night that if I had spent as much time on my English courses in my degree year as I have spent analysing this book, I would have gotten much higher grades. I ignored her. But she's right. All I am going to say is that if a person wants to read a YA coming of age story about a girl and a boy with supernatural undertones then I would point them towards The Changeover by Margaret Mahy. It's been one of my favourite books since I read it as a teenager and if you want a guy who's an outsider who is different with a hint of danger, then look no further than Sorry Carlisle. It's well written, has very believable characters and doesn't make you want to slap anybody or roll your eyes. As far as I know, none of her books have been filmed which is a pity because there's a wealth of stories there. But considering how Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising fared, she's probably better off.

In other news, I've started taking Rosie on walks twice a day. She still won't do anything for us down the garden but she does plenty on our walks. She's very good on the lead and doesn't mind other dogs when we're out. Rosie also conks out in her crate when we come home from walking. I do be tired myself, I must admit. By the time the summer is over, between walking Rosie and my mother sending me off on errands all of which involve me walking up and down our steep hill a few times a day, I should have my fitness well back. And no harm. I'm tired of nearly falling in the door with the sweat pouring out of me. I know it's gotten warmer the last few days but I really shouldn't be looking and feeling like I've just done a marathon. My hair is thinning out too. There are ribs of my hair falling everywhere. The joke in the house is that it's not the dog that's shedding hair, it's me. My mother is wondering if it would just be easier to hoover me everyday and save us the trouble of doing the house. She's so funny - not!
They just never tell you in the hospital about how the surgery and the general detoxing from all the medication I'm no longer on is going to affect a person. From what I've read, it'll take the best part of a year before I'm back to rights internally because there's a gap there now. According to a friend of mine who did sports science and physiotherapy in college and knows a hell of a lot about anatomy, the usual thing is for nerves and other organs to shift slightly so my body shape will change as well. She also said I shouldn't be too worried about minor twinges or sensations around that area because that's just the body sorting itself out. Again, not anything they tell you about! Good thing I'm not a hypochondriac.

I went to see Speed Racer today and I really enjoyed it. It's one of the more entertaining films I've seen in a long time. I never saw the cartoon and knew nothing about it, save what I'd read linked on various sites and blogs. As we were leaving the screen, I heard two kids behind me saying how they wanted to see it again, real excited like. Bless.

The weather is supposed to be good until the weekend when we'll see the return of rain. It's been so nice the past week, I really hope this isn't the end of it. Last summer was just awful. Humid and wet. Very annoying weather for trying to get anything done.
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Both wounds are now completely closed! The nurse came and said it needed no more bandaging. She was also very impressed with how quickly it closed considering that the bigger of the two wounds was 10cm by 10cm and 5cm deep when I came out of hospital in February. We honestly did think that it would be the middle of summer before they closed. It is by no means an aesthetically pleasing scar. There is a thick angry red line that starts about half way in my mid section, then becomes a smallish dent (where the smaller of the two wounds was), then more red line until you get across from my belly button where there is a deep dent (the bigger wound and the line continues down to my pelvis. So not pretty but the dents should sort themselves out in time and anyway, I think it's beautiful. Because it's me and it just makes me look more interesting. The redness will fade over time and I have bio oil to put on it so a bit of TLC will help that baby well along! And I much prefer to have a scar than to be housebound and in pain.
And no more bandage meant that today I was able to have a proper shower. The waterproof dressing used to irritate my skin so I had to have the ordinary dressing and I couldn't get that wet. I don't want to make it sound like I haven't washed in months, I have. It just took a bit of organising and care. Of course then after the shower, I kept checking to see if the ostomy bag was peeling off and about to leak after getting wet. I heard it could happen but so far so good. Anyway, when I was drying my hair, I made sure to dry the bag with the hairdryer as well so we'll see. And anyway, it's easy enough to change if it does leak.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do one hell of a happy dance!
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...the nurse was here today to change the dressing and one of the wounds is now completely closed. CLOSED!!!! Join me in a sedate, but nonetheless excited, happy dance why don't you?! The other wound is on the way to closing as well. So yay! Hooray for progress.

We are also going to my aunt Noreen's in Dundalk this weekend, being St. Patrick's weekend and bank holiday one at that.  Well, other people are always taking off for bank holidays so why shouldn't we? And also, it was March 16th last year that those crippling pains - the ones that would start in the evening and last until the next morning - started and being a trifle superstitious about such things, I would like to firmly put the lid on that cycle by creating new memories and being somewhere else this year. So we're heading off about lunchtime on Friday, me, my mother and my grandmother. Some people here thought we were leaving Momo behind. Which is an option of course but she'd be like a bitch the entire weekend. She may be old but if she thought we were off enjoying ourselves in Noreen's while she was left behind, she'd make whoever stayed with her miserable. And suicidal. Not to mention homicidal. So as much as she may say she doesn't like Dundalk, she wants to be in the centre of things so she'll go. Besides, she can have the back seat of the car to herself and can lie down quite comfortably when she wants.  We've done it before albeit about five/six years ago but judging by her shouting and banging last night, there's plenty of life left in her yet.


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