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I've been busy the last few weeks, not with anything particularly big or pressing (except the Six but apart from keeping them clean, dry and warm, they've been pretty low maintenance) but just with things that had to be done or errands I'd run for my mother because now I can do that kind of thing. I also found a really good butchers in town - we had cocktail sausages, rashers and chips for dinner last Saturday and they were scrumilicious! Yesterday's fillet steak wasn't too bad either. So yay for good purveyors of fresh meat products.

As well as that, I got to see The Incredible Hulk twice - so much love! So of course, I had to order the TV series boxset for season 4. It has the two part episode "Prometheus", which I always remembered seeing on television back in the day but had no idea how it resolved itself. Basically a meteor crashes to earth and David Banner goes to check it out, thinking something has crashed and people might need help. But the meteor contains gamma radiation (oh noes!) so when he hulks out upon stumbling into a hornet's nest and goes to the cabin of the blind woman he'd rescued from drowning, his metamorphosis back goes pear shaped and he's stuck half way! What are the odds, people, what are the odds?! Watching the various seasons, it strikes me that he seemed to end up with some of the most hysterical women roaming about North America at the time. The blind woman gets all whiny and likes to shriek at things, which, fair enough, she's recently blinded and having trouble coping, but her constant "David? David? DAVID?!!!" gets annoying very quickly. Plus she's very handsy and starts groping David Banner in a way that made me wonder just how blind she was. Ending up in situations that make a man change into a green creature who goes about tearing the place up probably would test the mettle of even the best of us, I'll grant you, but remember, this is a man who hulks out over having to deal with the most unhelpful operator in the history of the telephone exchange and not having enough change to make another call.  It's sad then that when David Banner does meet a woman who fails to freak out entirely at what he becomes when enraged, it does not end well. Woes. That end credit music is well chosen. The lonely man indeed.
David Banner would probably do well to meet up with Wesley Gibson in Wanted. He'd have no time to register anger at anything because Wesley and Fox would just zoom in and shoot the shit out of everyone. That was a very enjoyable film, I have to say. So much fun. The evening after that, I took myself off to see The Escapist with Brian Cox and Damien Lewis. Damien Lewis only has a small part in it but he's creepy and dangerous nonetheless. It's a good film, Brian Cox puts in an excellent performance as the prisoner putting together an escape plan.
Last night, we went to see Prince Caspian.  I haven't read the books since I was in fifth class, I was about ten or eleven and I would read them at lunchtime, having borrowed them from the class library. I can't say I was mightily taken with them. I distinctly remember being unimpressed with the final book. So it didn't bother me or even register with me what they'd changed or added in. I thought Ben Barnes was very fine looking, I must say, and I really thought he did the accent a lot better than I've heard done in other films. We were very entertained. There wasn't many at the screening though. We went to the 9.35pm show and I had already gotten the tickets (just in case) and insisted we be there by 9.10 at the very latest in case it was busy. When we (my cousin Seamus and me) arrived, the previous screening was about five minutes away from the end and three other people were sitting outside waiting to go in. But it gave Seamus more time to stand in line and buy the munchies so all to the good.

The other big excitement was the Doctor Who episode: The Stolen Earth. I was on the end of my seat the entire time and I believe the words "Jesus, Mary & Joseph!" escaped my lips at the end, despite my best attempts to be a good Catholic. My mother was watching in the other room and came barging in demanding to know "what the fuck is going on?! why didn't you tell me that was going to happen?!" and that's when I re-educated her as to the concept of being spoiler free! For about five minutes, we could only speak in shocked high pitched voices which meant my grandmother started to freak out thinking that was something bad was going down that we weren't telling her. When I told her it was about aliens on the television, I'm surprised she didn't punch me, she was that disgusted. Heh. So of course, my mother and I had to spend Saturday night and most of Sunday coming up with theories as to what is going to happen next. If we paid as much attention to what's going on in the world, we'd be dynamos for social change.

I managed to make my DVD player region free which was very exciting. If you're us, that is. Now all I need is some Region 1 DVD's. Actually what I need is somewhere to store the DVD's I already have. This house was not built with my future DVD and book collections in mind back in the 1940's. Someone really dropped the ball on that one!
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So now let's see. What's happened since I last posted.

Well, my mother was a bit perturbed at first that I'd exposed her RA love and Robin Hood hate on the internets. Then she decided it was cool and giggled away to herself. When I told her she wasn't alone in Robin Hood hate, she was well pleased. And she's just sorry [profile] scarlettfish doesn't live closer so the two of them could watch episodes of Doctor Who with Rose in them.

In the last couple of weeks, my mother and I went to the First Communion celebration dinner of one of my second cousin's.  He'd be the son of my first cousin so I think that's right.  It was in a hotel we hadn't been to before and the food was lovely. There was about thirty people invited and there were other dinner parties with kids so the hotel had laid on a clown to go around and make swords and things out of balloons to entertain them. Also included in the party was a girl who'd been in my class in secondary school and who was always a good friend of my cousin. So it was nice catching up with her and meeting her husband and two kids.
Then the following day, we went to the christening of another cousin's daughter. She's a beautiful baby. There were about five babies to be christened at the Church and I got to say, it was like a production line. The priest was cranky and he completely blanked one young couple, who looked like they might have been on the lower end of the social scale. Now they were very nice, well dressed but he addressed all his remarks to the corner opposite to where they were, barely looked at where they were sitting and announced their baby's name with much distaste. Frankly, I would have lamped him if it were me and the mother looked to be in her early twenties and she was obviously upset. We felt very sorry for her, her baby's day being ruined like that. The dinner after that was in a new restaurant and the food was gorgeous.
Myself and my mother noticed that on my father's side of the family, which is the side the cousin's having the events are on, seem to be split into two groups and we're the only ones that seem to bridge the two groups and we seem to get invited to almost everything going on. But there's one cousin who never gets invited to anything and frankly, it's a mystery because you couldn't get nicer than him. It's all very odd.
I went to an Illeostomy Association meeting in Castlebar at the weekend. The talks were interesting and some of the ostomy companies had stands and were giving out free samples of their wares. I got a few things that will definitely make taking care of the stoma easier and they're available on the medical card too which is excellent.

I got to see There Will Be Blood finally before it left the cinema and I was dead impressed with Daniel Day Lewis. I don't think the film would have had the same power without his performance and it might have been damn near unwatchable without him. Then we went to see 27 Dresses. I knew what kind of film I was going to and usually I enjoy them but this time not so much. I'm not a Katherine Heigl hater by any means but I think it was just the kind of dramatic shortcuts the film took to make the heroine's plight all that more poignant. And I was a bit distracted by the way the actress playing Jane's sister kept wagging her head about when she was acting, particularly when she was emoting towards the end. I found it a bit odd.
I usually love romantic comedies, bit of escapism, something easy to watch but I think my tolerance for them might have been removed along with my colon. Oops.

I bought a lovely black wrap dress from for the wedding, but it didn't fit right, so I'm having to go for the next size up. It was way too tight around the stoma anyway and didn't camouflage the bag in any way. That's not quite the look I'm going for. Anyway, if the bigger size is too loose around the bust, I'll just bring it to a dressmaker and get it altered so everything fits right.
And in other stoma related news, I don't have to go back to surgical outpatients for three months. Go me!


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