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Today was one of those days where everything just pissed me off, regardless of how irrational it was. It wasn't helped though by the rotten mist that alternated with heavy rain where a person had to wear a heavier jacket than usual in order to stay in any way dry. Of course, it was good and humid so even walking down the end of the road in a long sleeved jacket was just icky. My grandmother was in a bad mood and took it out on me, the dogs seemed to forget every bit of training they got yesterday and by the afternoon, I was ready to put my foot through something. So I decided to remove myself from the situation (luckily it was my mother's afternoon off) and I headed to my grandmother's house where I sat reading quietly for a while. I'm reading Snobs by Julian Fellowes, got it from the library. I'm enjoying it a lot. My Supernatural season 3 boxset arrived today as well. I buy off They're postage and packing free and as they ship from Jersey, there's no VAT which makes DVD box sets a hell of a lot cheaper than buying them down town. Plus there's a lot of box sets that never seem to be included in sales in the shops, like the Doctor Who sets.

Cinema wise, we got to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and the costumes and sets were fantastic. Really evocative of the book. But they changed quite a bit from the book, especially the ending and I can't say that I felt they were true to the spirit of the book in some respects.

Tonight, I went to see Hellboy 2 with my cousin. I really enjoyed the first one and I liked this one too. I have to say though, Selma Blair left me cold a bit. When they mentioned Antrim, Northern Ireland, a guy in our row said in really loud voice, "Oh, Jesus Christ!" as though in a film about demons, elves and the like, this was the last straw. I don't know what his problem was. I mean, Ireland has a really healthy mythology and more fairy tales than you can shake a stick at and personally, I found it very refreshing that a film mentions Northern Ireland and it's something other than a gritty story about the Troubles.

We've really gotten into watching The Unit. I'd seen it advertised but never watched, until a few weeks ago, I caught an episode by accident. It's on three different channels so we watch those, all out of order mind which makes it a bit confusing. My mother and I end up trying to place them by their hairsyles or whether Tiffy is still having an affair with the Colonel. Our favourite part is when Baines issues a smack down to somebody or other. Damn, he's good. He's definitely what Caesar Milan would call 'calm-assertive'.
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In honour of Meg & Jack being ten weeks old, I present ten facts about my own personal pee and poop machines.

  1. At our last vet's appointment, Meg was 2.2kg, Jack was 2.5kg.

  2. Jack loves his food. In fact, he loves anybody's food and has recently discovered, after watching me make a sandwich, that food is kept in the fridge and not the washing machine.

  3. Jack gets so excited when the fridge is opened that he tries to climb into it and when thwarted, stands on his hind legs and does a type of roly poly action with his front paws.

  4. Meg likes food too but is content to wait for it to come to her. She's not much interested in anything a person might be eating at the table, unlike Jack who practically tries to hop up and give a person a lap dance.

  5. In the garden, Meg likes nothing better to walk and run around carrying a stick in her mouth. Jack likes nothing better than to try and take it from her. Jack will also follow Meg up the stairs. Calling them down is another matter because it takes Meg a few minutes to realise her name is 'Meg' and Jack can't come down the first stair. At all. He hops around at the top of the stairs, barking and running to and fro and has to be helped down. Then he's good to go. I suppose running up and down the stairs after them is a good cardio work out...

  6. Sometimes when playing, Jack will grab Meg's name tag and hold fast as she tries to pull away, like he's trying to strangle her. Meg will retaliate by trying to bite off his boy bits. This behaviour always requires quick intervention our parts, though my mother reckons it would be hard for Meg to act any other way considering she lives with Momo, the original ball-breaker of the family.

  7. We rented National Treasure 2 the other weekend. Since then Meg has begun digging holes in the garden. Perhaps the film thrilled her so much, she wants to search for her own treasure or maybe she's trying to dig her way to China to get to Bejing for the Olympic closing ceremony. We just don't know.

  8. Jack and Meg love to chew things: fingers, shoelaces, skirting boards (the new ones we had put in last year - my mother is not impressed!), even Momo's knees. Momo's reaction is to squeal loudly about how they're trying to kill her.

  9. Momo prefers Rosie because she lies beside her on the couch and doesn't try to chew her face off. She also reprimands the pups from time to time while lying on the couch with her eyes closed. I've been teasing her the last while, asking her for fifty euro to buy the pups booties for the winter. Last night, Meg and Jack were running around the living room generally being bonkers and Momo shouts "No manners, no money!" Hee.

  10. Jack is always the first to fall asleep after they've (finally) managed to tire themselves out. Rosie is the next to lie down but Meg is always determined to keep going and run around, playing with her toys until she practically falls down. Usually I pick her up and rub her down to try and calm her. If that doesn't work or they just won't settle even though I've had them out for ages, I turn on Classic FM. Classical music has a nice soothing effect on them. I try to make sure it's not the 1812 Overture or anything too loud. Pups need their sleep and I need to sit down and recover for the next round of piddle patrol and general mayhem.
Yes, teh crazy has really taken over our house these days. But it's kinda fun even if we are currently in the middle of toilet training and they have still to grasp the concept of peeing outdoors and not waiting until they come back even though we try to stay out as long as we can without my grandmother getting abandonment issues! All I can say is, kudos to whoever invented the dog crates because as much as I love them, if I couldn't shut them in there every so often, the skirting boards would be in a lot worse shape!


Aug. 17th, 2008 12:10 am
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Just so you know, I renamed my journal from lucy_bliss to queenthesixth. It's really me, the one who is all 'my puppies, let me show them you'. I'm not a rabid Twilighter sockpuppet or anything out for revenge on any and who might mock the mighty...wait, what's it called when there's four books in a series and how do I spell it?...I'll get back to ye on that one.
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The film version of Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day gets released here today, which I find very exciting because I was afraid it would get a limited release and only be available in Dublin, or just the UK. I'm going to see it on Sunday (yay!) with a friend of mine, and because she has a five month old son, we decided on going Sunday night when she has a bit more time to herself.
Anyway, I told my mother about the book and it's on her list of books to read, and when I said I was going to the film, she was interested but this almost wistful look came on her face. Only I had no time to ask her about it because one of the dogs had to be chastised (again) for trying to eat the furniture. But it came back to me when she was at work yesterday evening and I thought, well why shouldn't she come with us? It's the kind of film I know she'd like and it'd set her up for the week.
I texted one of my aunts to ask her if she was available to Momo-sit that evening (after all, they're always saying to contact them when we need them and they've gotten off pretty lightly these past few years), and she texted back to say she'd be happy to do it.

When I came back from walking Rosie, I asked my mother if she was doing anything Sunday night and she said no. So I said to her, okay, you're coming to the movies with me. She got this kind of wary look on her face in case I was taking her to some hardcore sci-fi film or worse (according to her) some period drama where everyone dies of costume drama cough at the end. Then the penny dropped and she got all gleeful saying, I'm going to see Miss Pettigrew! Seriously, she just lit up, it was so lovely to see. She was very happy the rest of the night.

So good thing I picked up on that and now she has something to look forward to this weekend. Instead of hearing about other people's cinema trips, she now has one of her own coming up. Quite right too!
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[personal profile] gfrancie asked me about the brown stew we have instead of Irish stew, because I'm not a big Irish stew fan. Actually she asked me about this some time ago and I apologise for not replying before this.
Anyway, brown stew is just the ticket for the wet and windy weather we're having these days so we've had a pot of it nearly every week. There are variations on this theme but this is what we chow down on in this here parts.
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In the last week, we have successfully homed the Six. Actually, there was so much interest in them after we rang the rescue centre we got Rosie from and told them the story, that we could have homed them ten times over. They were popular because they were small dogs, which makes me sad for the bigger dogs at the shelter who don't get picked because of their size. I need to stop being such a soft touch where animals are concerned. I cried when every time a pup left. Not hysterically or anything, I was just sad because I'd been taking care of these critters since the second they dropped out, one of them on the floor in front of me!
But we still have Rosie and we are keeping Jack & Meg. I know, two pups = crazy. But like I told my mother, my charges sleep through the night. Her charge, aka Momo, doesn't. And yet I'm the one getting ticked off for who I chose to keep? Right! Heh. Then my mother retorted that at least Momo doesn't go around chewing shoelaces, nor does she run up the stairs and hide under the beds. To which I reply, not yet she doesn't! She's only ninety-nine, who knows what'll happen we hit the hundred, if we do, which judging by her these days, we very well might.

Anyway, I do have a big puppy picture post coming up; it's just getting the time to do it comfortably. Every conversation or sit down time seems to be punctuated with "stop eating that!", "come down the stairs!", and the ever popular piddle patrol. Ah yes. Tis an exciting time to be alive.

A friend sent this YouTube link to me and I thought I'd share it with all the James Bond fans out there. It's a proposed alternative theme song to Quantum of Solace. Enjoy
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Also, I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet because it doesn't open here until this Thursday. Sometimes I like to wait until the Monday or Tuesday night after a film opens to go see it but I can't do that with this one. It's killing me every now to have to wait and I'm avoiding spoilers as best I can. All the LJ-cuts on my f-list is making my finger itch but I'm not clicking! I think a late show Friday night would be fun and Boston Cousin D is up for it so we might try and rally a few more of us to make it an occasion. D is afraid she'll fall asleep during it but I promised to puck her violently and often in the ribs to make sure she stays awake. I'm just that caring. Hopefully everything will work out and fall into place as we're trying to fit in a trip to the Aran Islands but it might have to be the weekend because, as I just remember this evening, my aunt Noreen has gone home so I'm back on Momo duty when my mother's at work which lessens my free time. But we'll work it out.
The important thing is that I get to see this film this weekend. I can be very flexible about a lot of things but I've wanted to see this for ages and I want to see it as soon as possible. If that means turning into the stereotypical demanding only child, then so be it.
It's for their own good really.

Speaking of films, when I was getting my hair done last week (and reading Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - a fantastic book, can't recommend it enough!) my cousin Seamus (my hairdresser) started telling me that he'd rented a really great DVD the other night but he couldn't remember the name of it. He couldn't remember anybody in it either so I asked for plot details. He started to say it was about the seventh son of a seventh son who had to find these signs and I had to stop him right there. I did this by putting my head in one hand and waving the other hand about wildly while saying "stop, stop, just stop!" He was giving me a pain in my non existent intestines, he really was. I educated him as to the horrors of the film adaptation and in fairness, he doesn't know the books so guess what he'll be getting this Christmas!

I read On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan this weekend and while it's a brilliantly written book and I was engrossed in it, I can't say I would rank it as a favourite to re-read but that is because I am biased towards a certain type of ending which this did not have. I can see why it didn't and I don't hate it or anything but I was a little like "I need a hug" after I'd finished. Sadly, there was no-one to hug me so I had some chocolate. It was very enjoyable.
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The last week has been a bit manic because not only did my cousin arrive last Sunday from Boston but we also had to prepare for my cousin's out of town wedding and make the final arrangements about the pet-sitter who was going to mind Rosie and the Six.
I'm behind on a lot of things because of having to entertain my cousin D. Not that I'm complaining, she's here, naturally she has to taken care of, otherwise what's the point. But it seemed everytime I tried to sit down and check my email, we were off somewhere else. The google alerts are in the triple figures! Yikes!

The wedding was held in Mulraney, Co. Mayo. It's about a two hour drive from our house and the hotel my cousin and his fiancée - excuse me, now she's his wife - picked was beautiful. It was just across the road from a lovely beach and the restaurant duly deserved all the accolades it's gotten the past year. Our particular reservation package included three breakfasts and two evening meals so we got to eat there twice. I think I want to marry the executive chef there. Mealtimes would never be boring.
The wedding went really well. The church was three minutes walk from the hotel and the priest was very relaxed and joked with everyone and during the rehearsal, he told the couple what they'd be doing, where to stand and all that, and all he kept saying was to take their time and enjoy it and not worry, that he'd guide them through and give everyone who was participating in the ceremony a nod and mention them by name when it came time for them to take part. I did a prayer of the faithful myself and to be honest, the only thing I was worried about was that I was going to end up falling flat on my face walking on the altar in my new shoes with the three inch heels that I only broke in the day before! Well, really I'm minding six pups so heels of any kind are not the best choice when your ankles are under constant attack from furry creatures determined to chew everything in sight! Plus there's the whole piddle patrol thing.

The Six have grown the past few days. The pet sitter did a great job taking care of them, I was very impressed with her. But it's like my babies have grown into toddlers all of a sudden. Toddlers who like to push each other around and try to eat one another's faces when they're not attacking shoelaces and teaching dusters exactly who's boss. Be prepared for a lot of "WWWWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! MY BABIES ARE ALL GONE!!!!" type posts when they're re-homed. They're seriously off their heads but I love them to bits and really enjoy their company, even when I'm having to gently reprimand them for thinking my thumb is a chew toy. 
Actually one of them appeared to be trying to draw blood from my shin this evening. I think they might be part terrier,part vampire. I'm going to take them into the garden tomorrow and see if any of them sparkle. How many do I need for a baseball team? Will six do?
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Would you believe The Six are three weeks old already? Where does the time go. 
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I've been busy the last few weeks, not with anything particularly big or pressing (except the Six but apart from keeping them clean, dry and warm, they've been pretty low maintenance) but just with things that had to be done or errands I'd run for my mother because now I can do that kind of thing. I also found a really good butchers in town - we had cocktail sausages, rashers and chips for dinner last Saturday and they were scrumilicious! Yesterday's fillet steak wasn't too bad either. So yay for good purveyors of fresh meat products.

As well as that, I got to see The Incredible Hulk twice - so much love! So of course, I had to order the TV series boxset for season 4. It has the two part episode "Prometheus", which I always remembered seeing on television back in the day but had no idea how it resolved itself. Basically a meteor crashes to earth and David Banner goes to check it out, thinking something has crashed and people might need help. But the meteor contains gamma radiation (oh noes!) so when he hulks out upon stumbling into a hornet's nest and goes to the cabin of the blind woman he'd rescued from drowning, his metamorphosis back goes pear shaped and he's stuck half way! What are the odds, people, what are the odds?! Watching the various seasons, it strikes me that he seemed to end up with some of the most hysterical women roaming about North America at the time. The blind woman gets all whiny and likes to shriek at things, which, fair enough, she's recently blinded and having trouble coping, but her constant "David? David? DAVID?!!!" gets annoying very quickly. Plus she's very handsy and starts groping David Banner in a way that made me wonder just how blind she was. Ending up in situations that make a man change into a green creature who goes about tearing the place up probably would test the mettle of even the best of us, I'll grant you, but remember, this is a man who hulks out over having to deal with the most unhelpful operator in the history of the telephone exchange and not having enough change to make another call.  It's sad then that when David Banner does meet a woman who fails to freak out entirely at what he becomes when enraged, it does not end well. Woes. That end credit music is well chosen. The lonely man indeed.
David Banner would probably do well to meet up with Wesley Gibson in Wanted. He'd have no time to register anger at anything because Wesley and Fox would just zoom in and shoot the shit out of everyone. That was a very enjoyable film, I have to say. So much fun. The evening after that, I took myself off to see The Escapist with Brian Cox and Damien Lewis. Damien Lewis only has a small part in it but he's creepy and dangerous nonetheless. It's a good film, Brian Cox puts in an excellent performance as the prisoner putting together an escape plan.
Last night, we went to see Prince Caspian.  I haven't read the books since I was in fifth class, I was about ten or eleven and I would read them at lunchtime, having borrowed them from the class library. I can't say I was mightily taken with them. I distinctly remember being unimpressed with the final book. So it didn't bother me or even register with me what they'd changed or added in. I thought Ben Barnes was very fine looking, I must say, and I really thought he did the accent a lot better than I've heard done in other films. We were very entertained. There wasn't many at the screening though. We went to the 9.35pm show and I had already gotten the tickets (just in case) and insisted we be there by 9.10 at the very latest in case it was busy. When we (my cousin Seamus and me) arrived, the previous screening was about five minutes away from the end and three other people were sitting outside waiting to go in. But it gave Seamus more time to stand in line and buy the munchies so all to the good.

The other big excitement was the Doctor Who episode: The Stolen Earth. I was on the end of my seat the entire time and I believe the words "Jesus, Mary & Joseph!" escaped my lips at the end, despite my best attempts to be a good Catholic. My mother was watching in the other room and came barging in demanding to know "what the fuck is going on?! why didn't you tell me that was going to happen?!" and that's when I re-educated her as to the concept of being spoiler free! For about five minutes, we could only speak in shocked high pitched voices which meant my grandmother started to freak out thinking that was something bad was going down that we weren't telling her. When I told her it was about aliens on the television, I'm surprised she didn't punch me, she was that disgusted. Heh. So of course, my mother and I had to spend Saturday night and most of Sunday coming up with theories as to what is going to happen next. If we paid as much attention to what's going on in the world, we'd be dynamos for social change.

I managed to make my DVD player region free which was very exciting. If you're us, that is. Now all I need is some Region 1 DVD's. Actually what I need is somewhere to store the DVD's I already have. This house was not built with my future DVD and book collections in mind back in the 1940's. Someone really dropped the ball on that one!
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The Six now all have their eyes open and they're starting to find their sea legs. Watching them try and keep their balance as they move around the crate is very funny. A couple of them enjoy lying on their backs and touching their toes. Then another one comes along and falls asleep on top of them and all you see are legs waving in the air.

We call the brown one Boomer and she is pretty damn tenacious when it comes to food. She'll crawl over when the others are resting and get her fill and is very adept at wriggling in under them to get a spot when they're all feeding. The best yet though is last night Boomer was having a snack when Rosie decided that the sound of my mother opening the fridge was more important than hanging with her babes and got out of the crate. Only Boomer didn't let go. She held on for dear life as Rosie walked along the living room and was sliding on her back along the timber floor, still sucking away. She must have come up for air because all of a sudden, Rosie was in the kitchen while Boomer was in the middle of the living room floor looking around all 'what just happened?!' I picked her up and put her back in and she decided to nose around her siblings to see if there was anyone else she could feed off. Honestly, it's as though she becomes all zombie like wanting "BOOOOBBBS" instead of "BRRAAAINNNS".

Of course, then there's the largest of them, whom we called Xena, who likes to shove her head inside my shirt every time I pick her up.

We've named them Boomer, Xena, Meg & Jack (because they both have white stripes down their front), Penny and Polly. Penny and Polly are quite low-key at the moment but give them time. It's hard to know exactly who we're looking at when it comes to the black ones unless we pick them up and examine the patches of white on them. So I took photos of them and wrote their names on them.  It'll do for the time being until they're out more and we know exactly who we're looking at.  When Rosie is out with my mother, I love to pick them up and give them all a quick kiss. They're just too cute. I feel like I should do one of those cat macro things for Rosie: "I'm in ur crate, kissing your babies" kind of thing.

They're so adorable. *squee*
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Happy Birthdays to [personal profile] vwlphb and [personal profile] dachelle! Hope you both have fantastic days celebrating!
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Last night I went out to dinner with some of my cousins. It was a joint birthday celebration as two of us have birthdays the same week. Earlier in the day, there was some confusion between me and the birthday boy via text when I realised he had the wrong time for dinner and he proceeded to get pissy with me over it (though he later told me he'd just been jesting, uh-huh). I spelt it out for him that I had suggested the time as the restaurant had two sittings and the later one seemed a bit too late but had said that it could be changed if anyone had a problem. As nobody replied, I went ahead with the booking. He was all, oh that was four weeks ago, how am I supposed to remember that and I thought you knew I finished work late on a Saturday. I nearly rang him and told him to forget the whole thing at that point. I didn't but I did get that feeling of 'I was only trying to do something nice and get out for dinner, I was not looking to make a dramatic production out of it starring people who were quite happy to have me do all the work and then not bother to even reply when I made the arrangements'.

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A bit of Twilight while we wait for the movie and the next novel. *sparkles*

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Best birthday wishes to [profile] evilbearhunter and [profile] robynadele0406!
Hope you have great celebrations!
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I have to say, Rosie is a brilliant mum. I had wondered if, being so young herself, she'd manage to take care of them but she took it all in her stride. I slept downstairs last night and when I woke, she had peed a little but it's timber floor and easy clean. So when I saw her get out of the box and go towards the door, I let her out immediately and she did what she had to down the garden. When I was having my breakfast, she rambled over to see what was on the menu but left as soon as the pups squeaking got louder. Once she had them settled, she came back to sniff some tid-bits. Then she chowed down on her food and went for a short walk into the living room to greet my aunt and my mother. She's in good from and likes a bit of petting from us before going back in to tend to her brood.
I'm letting her dictate how long we stay in the garden and where she wants to go. It's so hard to believe the Six aren't even 24 hours old yet!
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We are now the proud co-parents of six puppies. I think we're done. At least, I hope we are for all our sakes! There was a gap between Five and Six, the others came out pretty swiftly after one another. Rosie mustn't have felt she had enough room in the box with the other five because she came out of the box, to my surprise - I had no idea what she was going to do - and she gave birth right there in front of me. Then Six got picked up by Rosie and joined its siblings in the box. Apart from the odd squeak, they're quiet enough. I'm going to sleep down here in the living room for tonight, just to be on the safe side.
We're all tired out now but I feel I need to watch the last episode of North and South as a sort of unwinding, end to the days events kind of thing. That reminds me, I bought Cranford in town today and it has only one disc when it clearly states two on the box and has two disc holders in the box. I have the receipt so I'll be going back tomorrow to sort it out.
I got to vote in the Lisbon Referendum as well. I was gone about fifteen minutes - the polling station is just down the road - and by the time I got back, Rosie had popped out number Four. No bother to her!

Photos will follow in the morning.


Jun. 12th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Rosie was in a very odd mood today, wouldn't go far in her morning walk so we didn't force her, wasn't eating and wanted to go out to the garden a lot this afternoon. She also snapped at me when I attempted to innocently straighten a bit of sheet that was hanging out of her swaddling box so I left well enough alone until she came out to me a while later and licked my hand.
After I let her out around six pm, she peed and did a bit of pooping, though I think it might have been more to do with her feeling contractions and thinking that was what she needed to do. Then we came back inside, she got into her box and started going around at odd angles. She's here in the sitting room with me so I could keep an eye or ear on her and at about 8pm, I heard the sound of squeaking and there was a puppy! It's tiny and black and I think she might have had 2 more in the past twenty minutes. I'm not sure. She has them covered completely with her body and I can't see them right but as she is giving them attention and cleaning them off, I'm not going near them unless she comes out to me first. Unlikely I know for the next while but she can make the first move.

I'm like someone you'd see in a sitcom, checking for draughts, making sure the room is warm and I even turned down the television and the volume on my phone in case it was bothering her.  If it were anyone else, I'd probably be all "Oh yeah? Well I had major surgery! So suck it up and shut your cakehole!" while I watched Doctor Who or something.  I is a wonderful human being.

PUPPIES!! At least she was good enough to wait until after my birthday celebrations.
I'm also supposed to go to vote on the Lisbon Treaty tonight - polls are open until 10pm - as I forgot when I was out this morning. Hopefully, I can run out for ten minutes in a while. My aunt will be here so the new arrivals won't be abandoned.

ETA: There are now three puppies. Tiny black things just flopping around. They haven't a clue what's going on. Poor little guys. I know that feeling.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I had such a lovely day. There was chocolate birthday cake to begin with. So much yum. I went down town in the afternoon and bought some more books, as you do. I got the Vampire Weekend CD as well. I had seen it in HMV the other week and naturally it caught my eye, having Vampire in the title. Then over the weekend, they played some of it on the radio and I was liked what I heard. So I bought it. I went for a birthday drink in Busker Browne's too. I was a bit thirsty and felt in need of a sit down. It's so good to be able to walk into a pub at a reasonable pace, unlike before when I'd have to boot it in there to find the nearest toilets. I felt it was good to have a drink in there and continue breaking the cycle.
Colette and me went for dinner last night in Oscar's Restaurant. I have heard so many people raving about this restaurant for years and I was never hearing anything bad about it. We were not disappointed. I had fishcakes for a starter and chicken linguine for my main course. My mother started with potato skins and went for sirloin steak for her main. Then we had raspberry pancakes for dessert. It was made of win! We were stuffed leaving, but in a good way. The whole day made up for the crappy birthdays of the past four years.
And it's actually four years ago this month that the whole Crohn's flare up started. I am so glad to have that behind me.

To be able to eat what I want, when I want is something I am not used to yet. Down in Waterford, knowing I could eat my breakfast and still be able to wander the town, that feeling nearly made me high. I was ready to launch into a musical number right there in the hotel and in the street, if it weren't for the fact that without proper choreography I'd look hopelessly uncoordinated and probably fall into the river. Be a memorable holiday though.
To conclude: food is fun!


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