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Meg and Jack are eight months old next week. Where has the time gone?! Though to be honest, I am glad they're getting older because as cute as puppies are, it's nice when they learn commands and aren't jumping and peeing everywhere. I must say, I do feel quite a thrill of accomplishment when they pick up something new.

Momo, Meg and Jack take a nap. Sometimes I go whole weeks without being able to sit on that couch because it's already been claimed.

Jack and Meg relax once Momo is gone to bed. Meg is caught in the act chewing the blanket. She's gone mad teething again.

More chillin' and looking cute while doing so

Rosie and Jack say Hi.

Jack close up. He's a very lean, very strong dog, completely different from the rest of the litter. He's a lot more manageable than he was but there was no way I was going to let a dog that strong mentally and physically get the better of us. But he's very loveable and is great fun.

Jack wants to tell Momo a secret...

...He is actually a Vampire Pup and wants her blood! Or maybe he's just trying to lick her face and she's not impressed.

Meg likes to sit at the big table.

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