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It's funny how this weekend turned out because I ended up meeting a few friends I hadn't seen in a while. On Friday afternoon, I had lunch with a very good friend of mine and her year old son, who is a complete cutie. He's just learnt to walk so he's into everything but we kept him amused between us and when he caught sight of my pendant, well he was just mesmerised. He might be a young Artful Dodger, the way he wanted to grab it, I'm just not sure!
Friday evening, my mother and myself went out to dinner and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Then on Saturday, a friend I'd been in college with and whom I keep in touch with mostly via email and phone calls these days, came down from Dublin and we met another college friend and went to the movies and had lunch afterwards. We went to see Twilight because even though we'd all seen it seperately, we thought we'd relive our old college days when we'd mitch from classes and head to the flicks. We snarked on it all through lunch and agreed to repeat the experience next year for New Moon. The morning screening was busier than I'd thought it would be. We had some German girls, students on a year abroad we reckoned, behind us and they reacted to everything that happened.  The reaction Mike and Jessica got made me wonder if they'd expire as soon as Edward and the Cullens appeared but no, their biggest squeeing was reserved for Peter Facinelli and the Cullen house! Architecture fans, obviously.
Then today, I met another friend whose third child is due next month. She's been a great friend to me over the years and not just when I was sick. Last year just after the surgery, when I texted her that my mother had to buy me a big flowing nightdress to fit over the bandages, she bought me one and because she couldn't get into me, she sent her husband in with it. She was so kind. So it was extra nice today because she'd left the other two children with her husband and we had a great chat. Not that I mind meeting her with her kids, they're very good and I'm extremely fond of them, but to be able to talk to her without both of us keeping one eye on them or having her three year old son come over to me mid-sentence to tell me that he's going to drive his invisible car and would I fill it up with petrol was nice. Though I do get a big kick out of it when he does do things like that!

The frost is gone and we're back to wind and rain. I nearly slipped on the sloped flagstones in the garden and trying to regain my balance lurched forward and started slipping again. It took banging into the large ceramic flower pot to stop me and my knees took the brunt of it. Ow. It was either that or fall onto the dogs and I made my choice. 

My grandmother is in bad from and although she is in bed, she is not attempting to sleep. It will not be a good night.

The Golden Globes are on Sky Movies live right now but I'm recording them because I have a brownie planning meeting tomorrow morning and I need to be up and organised. Which is why it's gone midnight and I'm still on my laptop. When will I learn??!!!!!
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