Dec. 16th, 2008

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1. Where did you begin 2008?
At home watching "Superman Returns" on DVD. Doesn't get more hardcore than that, eh?!

2. What was your status by Valentines Day?

3. Were you in school anytime this year?
No. I thought I was going to take a couple of courses but when it came to it, I just didn't have the cash to do them. Never mind, next year hopefully.

4. Did you have to go to the hospital?
Yes. I was in hospital for the month of January to have my protocolectomy, bringing to end three and a half years of bad health and the misery associated with it. I have to go back every few weeks so the stoma nurses can see how I'm progressing but things are good.

5. Did you have any encounters with the police?

6. Where did you go on vacation?
Waterford city for my birthday weekend in June.

7. What did you purchase that was over $100?
A new laptop to replace the old one that just ground to a halt one day. That was a very unexpected purchase.

8. Did you know anybody who got married?
A few people whose weddings I heard of but I attended my cousin's in July.

9. Did you know anybody who passed away?
Nobody close to me, thank goodness, but there were people I would have known to see in the area.

10. Did you move anywhere?

11. What sporting events did you attend?

12. What concerts/shows did you go to?
Jack Lukeman in Dublin in April and in Galway in September; Cologne Chamber Orchestra in August; the Irish Baroque Orchestra and Resurgam Choir in December,

13. Describe your birthday.
It was fun, just my mother and me hanging out together for the weekend away from all our responsibilites. We shopped til we dropped.

14. What is the ONE thing you thought you would not do, but did, in 2008?
Have newborn puppies to care for!

15. What have been your favourite moments?
Seeing the pups being born and thriving, when the doctor discharged me from hospital was a great one. I was seriously starting to crawl the walls in there.

16. Any new additions to your family?
Just the puppies. We've been baby free this year but there's some due next year.

17. What was your best month?
Lord, I don't know. To be honest, each month has been kind of topping the one gone before as my life starts to get back in order again

18. Who has been your best drinking buddy?
I don't drink alcohol

19. Made new friends?
Yes, I have.

20. Favourite night out?
Seeing Jack Lukeman in concert.

21. Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?
Outside - did a lot of walking about this year because I had to make sure my mobility came back after the surgery.

22. Have you lost any friends this year?
Yes, unfortunately.

23. Change your hairstyle?
Yes! Instead of just dark hair, I'm now dark and red and it's a bit more layered. I like it a lot.

24. Have any car accidents?
No, thank goodness!

25. How old did will you turn this year?
I turned 35 this year. I'm happy to say I don't feel a bit of it and the nurses all thought I was 28. Go me!

26. Do you have a New Years resolution?
I don't bother with them because I never keep them anyway.

27. Do anything embarrassing?
Plenty. But I was doped on morphine for most of them and recovering from major surgery so I don't think they count.

28. Buy anything from eBay?

29. Get married or divorced?

30. Get hit on?
No, I haven't been out enough to be in that situation. And if I was hit on, it certainly didn't register with me. Oops.

31. Been snowboarding?

32. Did you get sick this year?
Just a headcold, thankfully.

33. Are you happy to see 2008 go?
I think so. I'm looking forward to moving on with things.

34. Been naughty or nice?

35. What are you looking forward to most in 2009?
The endless possibilities!


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